Haley Reinhart Does It Like Only A Sax Could!


Haley Reinhart’s Vocal Style is Very Distinct and Saxey!

Lately, I have heard and read many different folks attempting to describe Haley Reinhart’s, extremely unique singing style using terms such as raspy, sultry, growling, shrilly, screaming, squalling and even whining. Some believe her melodic improvisation notes are sharp and then another will say that the very same note was flat. I could go on; however, I guess you get the point.

On the other hand just as many folks will post, all over the web, that she has one of the most addictive and soul pleasing voices they have ever heard. I don’t think I have heard as much disparity concerning a singer’s abilities since Elvis first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. It appears that she is either loved or extremely disliked. There just doesn’t seem to be very many folks with a middle of the road attitude toward Haley Reinhart.

Perhaps I could even agree with some of the folks with the negative views, if I happened to be tone deaf; however, I am not tone deaf! You see, I am an old time Sax Player.

Haley’s vocals are as only a Sultry, Raspy, Whispering Sax Could do them!

I like it!  I love it!  I Need It!  I want some more of it!

* Haley’s Live Performance Lyrics *

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I’m one

My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gambling man
Way, Down in New Orleans

Oh mother tell your children
Not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun

Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun

*** Click up top to hide lyrics ***

I have added my all time favorite version of “ House of the Rising Sun” by Ace Cannon, ” The Godfather of Sax “, along with Haley’s newer and more updated version here for you to have a listen to both versions and come to your own conclusion.

Since I first heard Haley’s version where she is soft and clean on the lower registers and just flat out wails the uppers I now have a new favorite version. Ace growls the lower and is clean and soft on the high until nearly the very end. Haley does a switcher rue and just reverses it. When I hear Ace’s version now, I keep wanting him to let her rip during the uppers, as Haley does. I guess even my preferences can change with time.

Haley and Ace seem to have more in common that just a Saxey Style, as they both get into many different gendras of music and are both phenomenal harmonic improvisors. I sure would like for Ace and Haley to get together for a recording jam session and both of them just improvise to their heart’s content. Wow! Don’t know if my audio senses could handle the results.

  Did you get that Ace?. Don’t say you wouldn’t like the opportunity to mix it with a sweet young thing like “Haley” and finally have someone that just mightkeep up with you note for note!….lol

Cold Day In Illinois

I do wonder, if there are any folks out there that realize the quirky descriptors these people are using to describe her vocal style were, “back when, the honed arsenal of true master jazz, blues and rock saxophonist.

It strikes me a tad funny that so few people realize that Haley has the same soulful raspy vocal style as that of a true master sax player. OK, so you don’t get it. Take the time to browse YouTube for some uploads of the great sax players. Give a listen and then you just may see Haley Reinhart’s talent in a totally different light!

Not intentionally dating myself; however, I can remember when the sax was called on to provide the sultry energy of feel good music that got folks up and out on the dance floor and then switch on a dime and just as easily have everyone crying and moaning the blues.

Now days High Tech synthesizers either attempt to imitate other instruments or generate completely new timbres; however, these electronic generated tones just don’t seem to compare in emotional semblance to those obtainable on the Sax, by a true master such as “..Ace.. and now of course by Saxey Haley herself.

Yes, I Like it! I Love it! I Need it! I want some more of it!. Wow! Come on Little Darling! Go Show-em What For. Your talent has completely won the respect of this Sax Man.

I sure hope Haley keeps some of her vocals traditionally Saxey. If she does she may actually never need any new tunes and/or lyrics. I believe she has the ability to turn folks on to genres of music they have never heard or even noticed before.

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  1. Miguel says:

    Haley performed three songs with Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra at the Chicago Theater last night.

    In the second song, “Moanin’,” Haley does an extended call-and response with Irvin wherein she scats, using her voice like an instrument.


    • Butch says:

      Just saw the video. Haley and Irvin were simply fantastic; however, I am still wishing and hoping to hear her get down with an old time trash sax player.

      Perhaps I may be a tad prejudice toward the Sax mixing it up with Haley but I seem to be able to hear it before it happens and I just know it would be Wow!!!

  2. Larry says:

    Haley is a soprano, so I suppose she’d have to be imitating a straight soprano sax? (I still play tenor occasionally.)

    Listening to her AI performance of Moanin’, I thought she sounded more like a trumpet, especially the flutter tongue, pitch bending, and range. I was even more sure after watching the call and response portion of her performance more recently with Irwin Mayfield.

    I see what you’re saying though. Her tone has a character like a sax. Here I thought I was the only person that “got it” :-)

    Wish she’d update her cover of Deedle Blues. She keeps getting better.

    • Butch says:

      Hi Larry,

      Nice to know that another person “Got It”. It was not ever my intention to infer that she sounds like a sax. My intention was directed toward her vocal presentation style.

      I do feel she does much better when she is angry and her emotions are flaring, that’s when she really rips it. I can only hope there is some one in the recording studio with her capable of bringing out her best by not letting her get too relaxed.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Larry says:

        She did undergo a transformation on the show. Her presentation seemed to really improve. I also think working with an upper tier of musicians like Ray Chew helped her grow musically.

        My wife’s main observation at first was that she smiled through sad songs, giving the impression of being disconnected. This aspect really improved as she went on.

        Yes, she seem to add more emotion when she was angry. It may have been the performance coaching by Lady Gaga more than the anger that made the difference. “I Who Have Nothing” however is an angry song and she channeled what she was feeling very well.

        You’ve probably seen this: http://tinyurl.com/4yt8qmt
        It’s a great impromptu performance in New Orleans. Casey taped it and put it on his website.

  3. Mark says:

    Like the rendition and would like to hear more, but have never been a fan of the raspy voice being just thrown in intermittently, unlike Janis Joplin, Rod Stewart, or the actual Sax, which are all natural and consistent through out…..

  4. Jim says:

    Great Site! I simply love anything about Haley. Her music is, well, what can I say! WOW!! I will return often!

  5. Randy says:

    Well, I’m not a sax player but came to the same conclusion a while ago! Hard to put into words, but it sounds like she has more air coming out than is needed to make the notes. Like when you whisper, you know? There are a few notes she sings in HOTRS which sound just like a sax. It would be interesting to see a waveform of her singing a single note- I bet there are all kinds of harmonics overlaid. It gives it such a richness. Sure other singers may hit the not more “purely” like a signal generator, and make a cleaner sine wave on a scope, but they are all the same to me. That extra roughness in the background of Haley’s singing is like a fingerprint, it makes it so unique… and as it turns out many of us are attracted to that difference. I simply can not get enough of it. Can not remember being drawn to a singer’s voice like this, ever before.

    • Butch says:

      Beautifully stated Randy I totally agree. It nearly blew my mind when I first heard her. It seems to me she must have spent considerable quality time around some very accomplished Sax Players.

      That’s why I think Saxey Haley fits her quite nicely. I realize Saxey spelled correctly should be Saxy; however, search engines kept getting Saxy confused with Sexy. I added the extra “e” to differentiate the search results returned by Google from those of more undesirable “porn” sites. LOL!

  6. Ray says:

    Wow!, I knew that there was something about her singing style that was extremely sexy to me; however, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I realize that you are right about her growing tones, at just the right times, during her performances sound just like it would be done by a very very good saxophonist. Wow! How cool is that?

  7. Butch says:

    I thought the same thing. Haley is getting me interested in types of music I had never noticed before. Since I am a sax player myself I heard the similarities right off the bat during the Auditions.

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